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Welcome to Rutland London's range of timeless brass framed mirrors. It is our hope that the luxury products listed below will enhance and enrich your bathroom space. Should you not be able to find a suitable product, finish or design, please do not hesitate to call our office on +44 (0) 20 7993 6736 or alternatively email so that we may assist you further.

Rutland London
Handmade In England
Salisbury Mirror from £995.00 GBP inc VAT.
Rutland London
Handmade In England
Cambridge Mirror from £659.00 GBP inc VAT.
Rutland London
Handmade In England
Lennox Mirror from £682.00 GBP inc VAT.
Rutland London
Handmade In England
Mortimer Mirror from £659.00 GBP inc VAT.

Rutland London Mirrors


One of the most popular collections offered by Rutland London are our range of timeless brass framed bathroom mirrors. Handmade to order in Hampshire, England, our range of luxury mirrors feature a solid brass frame, 6mm English produced mirror glass and a sturdy solid-wood backing. Our mirrors are offered to both retail and commercial clients throughout the United Kingdom with popular destinations being in London, Edinburgh and York. We also often ship our bathroom mirrors overseas to destinations in Europe, North America and Asia.

What Finishes Are Bathroom Mirrors From Rutland London Available In?

Whether you’re looking for a Brass bathroom mirror, Bronze bathroom mirror, Nickel bathroom mirror, Copper bathroom mirror or Gold bathroom mirror we can help. Beautiful bathroom mirrors from Rutland London are available in our full portfolio of 20+ brassware finishes including variations of Brass, Bronze, Nickel, Copper & Gold. You can see our full range of mirror finishes here


What Size Are Rutland London Mirrors?


Each mirror listed on our website is available in a selection of standard sizes. However, as our range of mirrors are handmade to order at our Hampshire factory in England, we are able to cater for bespoke size requests to ensure your mirror is perfectly sized for your bathroom project - in the past this has meant we have made large custom bathroom mirrors, as well as small custom bathroom mirrors. 

Will My Rutland London Mirror Steam Over?

It’s quite common that after a hot, steamy shower your bathroom mirror will likely be covered in steam as the moisture in the air condenses on the glass surface. To avoid this, Rutland London is able to add a demister cut-out in the rear of the mirror to allow a demister pad to be installed onsite. We find WarmUp demister pads to generally be reliable and a good choice. Unfortunately, due to the complexities of electrical regulations, Rutland London is unable to supply mirrors with demister pads already installed. Note that this is a bespoke option and should be discussed prior to purchase.

Can My Rutland London Bathroom Mirror Swivel?

Yes, certainly! We regularly manufacture hinged mirrors for customers. Our hinged mirrors feature solid brass hinges which compliment the quality and aesthetic of our solid brass mirror frames. An example of a hinged bathroom mirror from Rutland London is our Salisbury Mirror.

Which Mirrors From Rutland London Are Popular?

Popular bathroom mirrors from Rutland London include our Lennox Mirror, Cambridge Mirror and Mortimer Mirror.


Can You Make Bespoke Bathroom Mirrors?

Yes, Rutland London regularly manufactures bespoke bathroom mirrors for clients. Common bespoke requests we receive include catering for bespoke sizes and designs. 

Will My Mirror Be Safe During Delivery?

Yes, Rutland London invests heavily into packaging and each mirror produced is packaged by hand using premium packaging materials such as custom double-wall cardboard and bespoke polystyrene inserts. Rutland London dispatches dozens of mirrors every year and each one arrives safely via either our own delivery vans or our trusted delivery partners. 

How Do I Order A Luxury Mirror From Rutland London?


If you’re looking for a brass framed bathroom mirror, we recommend contacting our office by emailing



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