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Bampton Mitre Jointed Element Cover

ยฃ257.00 inc VAT.

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The Bampton Mitre Jointed Element Cover fromย Rutlandย London is designed to stylishly shroud the unsightly electrical flex that runs between the wall and heated towel rail when supplied in either an electric only, or dual fuel configuration.ย 

Manufactured to order, this brassย Bamptonย Mitreย Jointed Element Cover is often purchased in pairs in order to provide the heated towel rail with a "balanced" appearance.

This productย is available to purchase today on our website in Polished (Unlacquered) Brass. Similar to many finishes offered by Rutland London, Polished (Unlacquered) Brass is a living finish which will ageย and patina. The rate and extent of this patination will depend on the environment in which the product is installed.

Should you haveย any questions or any bespoke design or finish requirements we encourage you to please call our office onย +44 (0) 20 7993 6736ย or alternatively emailยย ย 


Material: Brass
Country of Origin: England
Tube ร˜:
By Hand
Plating Standard (If Applicable):
BS EN 12540 : 2000
Warranty: 10 Years