Luxury Brassware & Why It's Here To Stay

The inclusion of brassware within the bathroom can be traced back to the very roots of the modern bathroom. With the dawn of the industrial revolution and the need to improve organisation and hygiene within domestic properties, it was Rotherham based brass founders Guest and Chrimes who first patented and manufactured the brass tap in 1845. 

As the Victorian era progressed there was a steady process of improvement and expansion with notable figures such as Thomas Crapper and Henry Keeling building on Guest and Chrime’s innovation in the bathroom and notably their use of brass. It is a matter of pride that Rutland London’s sister brand H Keeling (namesake of Henry Keeling) was famously the heated towel rail manufacturer of choice for Queen Victoria’s Osbourne House on the Isle of Wight in the 1890’s. 

As the 20th century came and went bathroom design continued to develop through the elegance and opulence of the art-deco movement to the bold and striking sanitaryware colours of the 1970’s. Throughout this continued evolution of interiors the use of brass within the bathroom remained constant.

Rutland London - Rutland London Brassware

The Finest Alloy

An alloy created from copper and zinc, brass balances both versatility and durability to allow product designers to create wonderfully imaginative designs whilst retaining a resistance to corrosion which is superior to other metals such as copper.

A notable additional benefit of brass as an alloy is that variations can be made to the raw brass based on the performance requirements of the intended application. For example, Rutland London’s dezincification resistant (DZR) brass is used exclusively in our portfolio of heated towel rails due to the specific demands of heating systems.

Rutland London - A Timeless Aesthetic

A Timeless Aesthetic

Setting aside the performance characteristics of brass, it is notable that the popularity of this beautiful material is largely driven by its timeless honey coloured aesthetic. The developing brassware patina creates a beautiful living finish which adds, rather than detracts from the beauty of the brass fitting or fixture and the surrounding interior space.

The “personality” and timeless aesthetic of brass is notably in recent years a key reason why we have seen some of the world’s finest designers return to the natural & exposed brass aesthetic as they seek to add character and individuality to spaces.

However, for those looking at finishes outside of the traditional brushed and polished brass finishes, this timeless metal offers a reliable base on which a multitude of finishes can be applied - for example, Rutland London’s own portfolio of 20+ brassware finishes includes variations of Bronze, Nickel, Copper and Gold - all applied onto the durable and high quality brass products which we manufacture from raw brass in Hampshire, England.

Rutland London - A Timeless Aesthetic

An Enduring Choice

There is no doubt that bathroom design trends will continue to evolve from year to year and decade to decade inline with the development of this material since it’s original incorporation into bathroom design in the mid-19th century. However, despite these changes, Rutland London is certain that the breadth of aesthetic achieved through the use of brass and the sheer quality of this luxe metal will ensure brass will continue to be a stalwart of bathroom design for designers and homeowners for many years to come.

Rutland London - An Enduring Choice

About Rutland London

Rutland London is an English manufacturer of luxury bathrooms. Our passion is to provide our Clients with timeless designs which encapsulate the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. We endeavour to create and offer brassware collections that will enrich, enhance and compliment the most beautiful of interiors whilst meaningfully connecting with those who use them.

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