Luxury Shower Enclosure Guide

Rutland London’s brass framed shower enclosures encapsulate a timeless elegance and enduring quality which has become synonymous with the Values and Vision found in all luxury bathroom products from Rutland London.

With a myriad of different brass shower screen styles available, including wet wall panels, recessed shower doors, bath screens and full enclosures; this guide is intended to assist designers and Clients identify the ideal setting for each beautiful bathroom shower enclosure offered by Rutland London.

Understanding the diverse project demands of Clients, Rutland London’s luxury bath and shower enclosures are available in a multitude of different sizes, finishes and configurations and in addition can be individually tailored to meet the specific spatial and aesthetic requirements of your luxury bathroom project. 

Goring Shower Enclosure

Rutland London - Goring Shower Enclosure

The timeless Goring Shower Enclosure is a comprehensive enclosure intended to allow minimal water egress from the enclosed shower space.  With perpendicular glass panels, the Goring Brass Shower Enclosure can add a sense of “zoning” and spatial allocation which is particularly well suited to larger bathrooms. The Goring enclosure is manufactured by hand from the finest of brass and is supplied with toughened safety glass for complete peace of mind.

Recognising the current popularity of brass finishes within bathroom spaces including Polished Brass, Brushed Brass, Antique Brass and Aged Brass, the extensive brass componentry included in the design of the Goring luxury bathroom shower enclosure ensures it sits comfortably in brass bathroom spaces.

Ludgate Shower Enclosure

Rutland London - Ludgate Shower Enclosure

The Ludgate Shower Enclosure is intended for those looking to make an opulent statement within their bathroom. The grandeur and luxury appeal of this brass framed shower enclosure captures design motifs from both contemporary and classical design influences.

This durable yet elegant shower screen is an evolution of our popular Goring Shower Enclosure and as such is manufactured from the same high quality brass componentry and toughened safety glass. It is noteworthy that the glass included in this enclosure is supplied with a ClearShield anti-limescale coating - as is standard for all luxury shower screens from Rutland London. 

With the recent surge in popularity of Bronze bathrooms, the Ludgate Shower Enclosure allows the unique aesthetic of a Client’s finish choice to be clearly visible which is particularly relevant when working with popular finishes such as City Bronze, English Bronze and Architectural Bronze.

Cromwell Recessed Shower Door

Rutland London - Cromwell Recessed Shower Door

Whether your bathroom project is within a country house or small city pied-á-terre, the Cromwell Recessed Shower Door is well suited to designer bathrooms of all types and sizes where the careful use of space is being considered. With its single door and inline glass panels, the Cromwell shower door will transform awkward corners, nooks or crannies into a luxury sanctuary of calm and relaxation.

Manufactured to order, the Cromwell shower screen can be tailored to suit the specific demands of your project and the respective spatial limitations. For example, hinge positioning, door width and height can all be customised upon request. 

It is noteworthy that the Cromwell Recessed Shower Door pairs particularly well with our range of copper finished bathroom products including our taps, showers and heated towel rails. 

Temple Wet Wall Panel

Rutland London - Temple Wet Wall Panel

The simple yet effective Temple Wet Wall Panel remains the most popular brass shower screen available from Rutland London. With its streamlined aesthetic, the Temple is particularly popular with those working with wet room environments or commercial interiors where a minimalist yet elegant design is sought. 

With its solid brass wall arm, the enduring quality and English craftsmanship captured within the Temple shower screen is intended to give a long lasting aura of the quality of English workmanship incorporated into this beautiful product. 

Whilst the brass framed Temple shower panel suits an array of finishes from Rutland London, we have loved to see Clients repeatedly specify this product in our Metropolitan Black finish reflecting how much these stunning wet wall panels suit contemporary spaces.

Contact Rutland London 

Rutland London - Contact

Rutland London understand that every project demands its own unique approach to the design and specification of the shower enclosure, bath screen, door or wet wall panel and as such, recommend that Clients reach out to our experienced team to discuss your exact project requirements. 

Therefore, we encourage you to reach out to our team either via email ( or telephone (+44 (0) 20 7993 6736) to discuss your exact project requirements so that we may assist you further.
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