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Welcome to Rutland London's range of timeless towel bars. It is our hope that the beautiful products listed below will enhance and enrich your bathroom space. Should you not be able to find a suitable product, finish or design, please do not hesitate to call our office on +44 (0) 20 7993 6736 or alternatively email so that we may assist you further.

Rutland London
Handmade In England
Pelham Towel Bar from £503.00 GBP inc VAT.
Rutland London
Handmade In England
Myddelton Towel Bar from £479.00 GBP inc VAT.
Rutland London
Handmade In England
Woburn Towel Bar from £443.00 GBP inc VAT.
Rutland London
Handmade In England
Imperial Towel Bar from £443.00 GBP inc VAT.
Rutland London
Handmade In England
Cavendish Towel Bar from £429.00 GBP inc VAT.

Rutland London Towel Bars


Towel bars from Rutland London are a simple and effective alternative to more complex heated towel rails. Handmade from DZR brass with hand silver soldered joints and solid brass fittings, our range of brass unheated towel bars feature the same timeless style and enduring quality found amongst our portfolio of other luxury bathroom products. Our luxury bathroom towel bars are supplied to both retail and commercial interior design clients throughout the United Kingdom with popular destinations being in London, Edinburgh and York. we also often ship our towel bars overseas to destinations in Europe, North America and Asia.

What Finishes Are Towel Bars From Rutland London Available In?

Whether you’re looking for Brass towel bars, Bronze towel bars, Nickel towel bars, Copper towel bars or Gold towel bars we can help. Beautiful bathroom towel bars from Rutland London are available in our full portfolio of 20+ brassware finishes including variations of Brass, Bronze, Nickel, Copper & Gold. You can see our full range of towel bar finishes here

What Types Of Bathroom Towel Bars Are Manufactured By Rutland London?


Rutland London offers an extensive portfolio of handmade luxury bathroom towel bars. Our collection includes both traditional and contemporary options. All towel bars from Rutland London are offered in an array of sizes including 500mm (W), 600mm (W), 700mm (W), 800mm (W) and 900mm (W).


Which Towel Bars From Rutland London Are Popular?


Rutland London offers a selection of popular towel bars in both contemporary and traditional styles. Popular models of towel bars from Rutland London include our Pelham Towel Bar, Woburn Towel Bar and Cavendish Towel Bar.


Does Rutland London Offer Bespoke Towel Bar Sizes?

Yes, Rutland London regularly manufactures bespoke luxury towel bars for clients. Common bespoke requests we receive include catering for bespoke sizes and designs. Recent bespoke projects have included bespoke bathroom towel bars to fix onto the side of vanities and custom towel bars to provide more space between the wall and bar to allow for thicker towels.

Does Rutland London Offer Curved Towel Bars?


We are often able to assist with curved towel bar requests, however this will be subject to the radius or curve required. 

How Do I Order Bathroom Towel Bars From Rutland London?


If you’re looking for luxury towel bars, we recommend contacting our office by emailing


Contemporary Towel Bars | Traditional Towel Bars

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